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AudioFrame Sound Collection

WaveFrame Software Group expands with additional resources, talent, and services!

Sept 1, 2002 PORTLAND, OR - There are some fantastic changes happening at WaveFrame Software Group and we are excited to share those with you!

WSG has now expanded with additional resources, talent, and services. We are aggressively pursuing development, both in the area of the WaveFrame workstation and other standalone modules designed specifically for the audio industry.

We have come together with Robert Berke Sound (San Francisco, CA) and the staff at Newton Bard, Inc. (Portland, OR) to help insure that the WaveFrame platform continues to grow and improve. Bob Berke will be actively involved as a development advisor and tester and Michael Bard and his staff will be taking care of day-to-day operations, sales and coordination of technical support.

We are extremely excited about the prospect of WSG being run by a team of ENGINEERS and END-USERS! We feel that this combination of resources will enable us to focus on future development with a feature-set that is user-driven, which will make for a much stronger platform in the long term.

We are pleased to announce our newest release, WaveFrame/7.2. This will be available in early October for $250.00 USD. This substantial upgrade includes multi-board support and many OMF enhancements. Our next release, WaveFrame/7.3, which will be a major upgrade that will include a comprehensive and robust solution for integrated digital video. It will also offer the beginnings of mixer automation. This release will be available mid-November.

Speaking of upgrades, we are excited to offer a special 60-day upgrade program that would allow users a credit of $3,500.00 USD towards the purchase of WaveFrame/7, for trading in their old WaveFrame/6 equipment. Contact us at our new phone number [503] 419-3911 with your valid serial number and we'll hook you up! This program absolutely ends on October 31st, 2002. There will NEVER be a better time to upgrade to System/7. Click here for details.

We are looking very forward to the future and we are glad to be the new faces of WaveFrame. On behalf of Michael Bard, John Schnell, Robert Berke, David Hart and all of our team members, thank you all for your continued business.

Michael Bard
WaveFrame Software Group, Portland, OR U.S.A. [503] 273-2273

NEW WAVE FRAME PHONE NUMBER If you need to reach us for any reason, including technical support, sales or service questions, please call us at [503] 273-2273. This phone number replaces any WaveFrame phone numbers that you may have used in the past. Please call us!