The new WaveFrame 7 system includes support for a variety of external audio Input / Output solutions. Because all WaveFrame systems feature standard digital audio interfaces - either ADAT, AES/EBU, MADI, TDIF, or SDIF - any external converter which adheres to these standards can be used to provide AD and DA conversion for the systems.

Lucid Audio

ADA 88192 Converters
Lucid 88192
Check out to see the latest converters for use with your WaveFrame/7 system.


WaveFrame 7 is also compatible with the Kronauer line of high performance digital audio converters, precision engineered by the outstanding German engineering firm Kronauer. The engineering that went in to this product is not too disimilar to that you would find in advanced hearing aids, so you can imagine how effective these converters are. These are very flexible and modular converters - available in a variety of configurations with ADAT, AES or MADI connection to the computer and with a wide variety of options including LED meters, high quality Mic Preamps, and various channel counts.
Kronauer X2
Kronauer converters provide modular and flexible Digital I/O solutions for all sorts of professional audio applications - whether with a WaveFrame 7 workstation or as a stand alone solution for AD/DA converters using ADAT, AES, or MADI connection. Contact your local WSG dealer, Kronauer or WaveFrame Software Group to learn more about available special configurations.