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Posted by Chris Reeves on
Great to hear that the Audio Frame's library is out. Any update of the site is welcome. Hoping to how this blog fares. How about an archive of the old forum's posts?
Posted by admin on
Hi Chris,

Brad is working on a new forum (in addition to this blog). I'm not sure we can include the old posts, but I will look into the log file and see if there is a way to extract and post...
Posted by Chris Reeves on
Well let's let Brad work. Also is there any movement on the SSL ProConvert DLL? And of course WF?
Posted by admin on
Hi all,

We have updated our site, and added this blog for you to leave quick posts. We have also posted a new forum, and are trying to figure out how to post an archive of the old forum. Please give us a shout! We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Posted by Rob Haggar on
Great new site! Any word on updating 7.3 to another operating system?
Posted by Michael Bard on
Hi Rob,

Sorry it took me so long to answer. We are moving our studios and I have been OVERWHELMED. Unfortunately, I have run into roadblocks porting WF7 over to XP. I am not giving up, but it will be a bit until I can re-focus on it.
Posted by Chris Reeves on
How about getting WF7 to convert using SSL ProConvert?
Posted by Chris Reeves on
Might it be better to jump to Windows 7?
Posted by admin on
Hi Chris,
yes, Windows 7 would be logical at this point. I have made several attempts to open a dialog with SSL about ProConvert, and if I can keep after them it will happen. Question for you (or anyone else):

Have you discovered (as I have) that 23.98 does not work properly in WF7? If so, what is your workaround?
Posted by Chris Reeves on
It depends on what you mean by "does not work". I've cut in 23.98 all season. (Well eight episodes and then canceled - looking for work now)PT/WF6/WF7 import is out of sync. I use sub-frame exact "pops" to re-sync. The WF7/WF6/PT export back is also out of sync. I re-sync in PT the same way. It's usually 3:14, but not always.
Posted by Michael Bard on
Chris, we have not yet figured out how to get the old forum posts other than to take screen grabs of every single one!
Posted by Michael Bard on
...and oh yes, what you are saying about 23.98 is exactly what I have found. Except that I was trying to use the WF7 as the fix machine on the stage, and it does not sync properly to 23.98.
Posted by Gabrielle Reeves on
Please, pretty please, pretty please with sugar on top, do the updates necessary to make WF current/seamless/contemporary/state-of-art/effortlessly compatible! It is so very much a better box than that-which-will-remain-nameless. ? Time is running out. Really it is. :( Really.
Posted by Duncan Crimmins on
Dear WF7 users.

We have just updated three machines to current PC hardware, SuperMicro motherboard, Intel Core2Duo, 2GB DDR2 800MHz, 2 off 1TB SATA Hard Disc's, Dual Head Graphics, DVD-RW Drive and 80GB Solid State System Drive.

All fully compatible with Windows 2000 Sp4 and Quicktime 7.13

If anyone has failing or failed hardware we can help.

+44 (0)208 908 6777
Posted by Chris Reeves on
So is anybody going to give us an update and maybe clean the spam off this site?
Posted by Chris Reeves on
Originally posted 9/8/09 6:32 AM
Let's let Waveframe know we're still here and want the program to survive and advance. So with that, here's my wish list for Waveframe upgrades that I feel will help keep it going.XP or Vista support. (not my real first, but since they have promised it)Better session exchange with Protools. (I know that's MMEdl, but if Digi stops supporting v5, that would make it very difficult to deliver my sessions. That's a full topic of it's own.)Updated multi-track assembly.Wavedraw pencil tool.Please add your thoughts.CBR
Posted by Jayesh Khandelwal on
Originally posted 12/30/09 11:26 AM

I have the following suggestions that must be incorporated in waveframe update as urgent requirements.1 OS update to XP or Vista though windows 7 is more appropriate for the present times.2 Render with VS3, DirectX, and VST Plugins3 VST plugins to be incorporated4 MIDI incorporated to so that at least fader controls can be remote controlled from Mixers like Yamaha etc.5 realtime saving of automix.6 interal sampling frequency conversion.7 continuous on line waveform display8 Remove a bug in the render utility which affects me all the time in which the rendered sound file is given a different name on the drive than compared to the database in the waveframe UDD. XXXX_1 as compared to XXXX. The sound file after render can not be exported due to this error and this gets rectified only when the OS is reinstalled with waveframe software.I have tried all possible suggestions given by waveframe support.9 Video with its sound (DVD, VCD, Quicktime, Mpeg, Windows MediaPlayer,) should be imported in the project and saved.10 The Plugins settings used in a session should be saved with the project reel.11 RISM Buttons and fader automation to be saved with project and recalled.12 Pyramix mixer channel faders snapshots to be saved as now only group or master faders are saved.Maybe one is asking too much for a change but this is the minimum that is needed with any pro audio software.
Posted by Chris Reeves on
Originally posted 12/31/09 12:40 AM

Jayesh, thanks for posting. I thought I might be alone here. One more thought from me: Faster than realtime mix down in tracks. ie %splits and %duplicates.
Posted by Jayesh Khandelwal on
Originally posted 1/10/10 7:35 AM

Hi Chris, We seem to be alone in this crusade. I would like to add that I am really being bugged by the amateurish render utility which keeps crashing with all kinds of errors.Jayesh
Posted by Chris Reeves on
Originally posted 1/15/10 0:44 AM

How about a usb dongle rather than the printer port one. Most new motherboards and laptops don't have parallel ports
Posted by Brad Spradlin on
Originally posted 1/20/10 5:49 PM

Well, there's at least one wish I can grant!!USB dongles are now available for $100.Includes dongle, drivers and shipping.
Posted by Gabrielle Reeves on
Originally posted 3/4/10 8:48 AM

I'd love to have Metadata reading (for Sc & Take) and audio preview in import window of the sound selector
Posted by Michael Bard on
Originally posted 4/9/10 2:51 AM

Hi Chris and Jayesh,We agree with all of your suggestions. We have been trying to create these changes, however engineers cost cash, and recently our revenue stream has dried up. We have begun a dialog with SSL to try to create a dll enabling their ProConvert software to directly import and ecport WaveFrame 7 native files. I think we will make that happen.Also, we are about to release a version of the original AudioFrame Sound Library, that we hope will create a new revenue stream which we intend to funnel into the development of WaveFrame 8 which will run on modern OS platforms and modernize the graphic user interface.Thank you for your comtinuing support. We at StudioBard use the WaveFrame every day , and we know there are many faithful users still out there who realize that this is a tool MADE for post audio, not adapted from a consumer application. We have a good user base in the UK, and we are hopeful we can bring the WaveFrame user experience into the 21st century.

Posted by Chris Reeves on
Originally posted 4/10/10 3:05 PM

Glad to here all of that. I'm sorry to here of WaveFrame's cash flow problems. Could we (users) help? Maybe by a prw-order of v8. And I will be buying a USB dongle.
Posted by Filippo Bussi on
Originally posted 5/11/10 5:40 PM

Hi Michael,I am part of those who wait for a new release and/or WF8 (beautiful dream). I've seen that also the web site is expired, a mistake?I know that the engineers costs are high, but I still like the WF dream, for me is still the best sound editing DAW. It's not too practical to work under Win2000, but is reliable anyhow.If you want to talk, I can bring you again the proposal to prepare a project for the EU funds. They are a lot sensible to invest in new technology harware & software. Let me know your toughts. Best
Posted by Chris Reeves on
Originally posted 9/29/11 1:07 AM

Any movement on any of the wishes? I seems that no one is maintaining Waveframe.com. It's filled with spam in the blog.
Posted by Matthias on
Originally posted 5/25/11 9:35 PM

Waveframe 1000 and 408 components in stock and available now!

A lot of modules in stock right now. If you are interested in, please contact me.All the best.Technician europeMatthias Culmey

Posted by Chris Reeves on
Nice to see the Blog cleaned up. Does this mean Waveframe is still making movement toward a version 8?
Posted by admin on
Hi Chris,

Still no capital to do so. I have been doing a lot of talking to folks, but at this point I have no news. My current strategy is to either find some engineers to partner with. If you know any, send them my way!

My WF7s are still working away like mad every day. How about yours?
Posted by Chris Reeves on
Hey Michael,

Yes Frames are still working away. Gabrielle are working on ABC's Happy Endings. Conversion time is the biggest issue. I had high hopes for the SSL program. I have a copy of it. Would you like to borrow it to try it out?
Posted by Mike Kelly on
I have a Waveframe 7.1 and I want to get info on the feasibility of bringing it up to date and working side by side Protools systems. I’m working with some major media outlets on the East Coast and I’ll need to do file based laybacks. Some of the shows have up 16 files or tracks for the various deliverables. I guess what I’m saying is can the WF 7.3 output the same files as a Protools? Next, can you give me an itemized estimate for the upgrade to include 7.3 software. I thought Michael Bard said it was around 300.00. Also any other upgrade that would help, I have 4 Seagate Cheetah SCSI Drives totalling 210 Gigs and I also Have a DoRemi V1M with Cheetah Drive but I’m interested in QuickTime if there is no lag or delay.
I have different cards, I have a ADAT card for 16 and I have a TDIF MB2 card for 24 track. What do I need for 32 I/O. I might need it if I’m working internal. Is there a limit on Plug-ins? Do I need more memory? I have 4 gigs.
Please contact me with any questions.
Posted by admin on
Hello out there in WaveFrame Land. After a (not-so-brief) hiatus, I am again actively seeking partners/financing for WaveFrame development. We are discussing a project which would bring WaveFrame 7 up to the most recent 32 bit Windows OS (WIN7), enabling us to run on a more modern hardware platform. Please contact me via my waveframe email address (listed on this website) if you are interested.

Also, I have many AudioFrame 1000 modules and parts in stock for those users still maintaining their machines.

Best to you all!

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