WaveFrame Digital Workstations

Our WaveFrame 7 Full & Lite systems are a completely new version of the classic WaveFrame post production workstation, with powerful new hardware running on Windows 2000, updated to deliver 32 tracks of 24-bit audio with effects plug-ins, surround mixing, digital video & more.

This new system has all of the specialized Post Production features of our world-renowned 408+ system including an updated Sound Selector Media Database, integrated Digital Video via QuickTime, Machine Control, Auto Assembly, ADR/Foley Recording, and comprehensive file import/export options including WaveFrame 6, OMF, OpenTL and AES31. WaveFrame/7 uses standard Windows disk file systems with Broadcast Wave audio files and support for Sound Designer II files. Networking via Ethernet, Fibre Channel SAN, etc. is also supported.

WaveFrame 7 Screens