WaveFrame 7 Pro Version

The new WaveFrame 7 system is not just a software upgrade, it's a major advance for the system, with a powerful new hardware platform, Windows 2000 operating system and enhanced new system features. WaveFrame/7 includes the incredible Mykerinos digital audio DSP hardware with the well-respected WaveFrame software interface plus exciting new audio processing capabilities never before available in a WaveFrame system.

WaveFrame 7 adds major enhancements while retaining familiar post production features and options of traditional WaveFrame systems, such as a new enhanced Sound Selector database, integrated digital video, advanced file and platform interchange including OMF and WF6, spotting, special ADR/Foley mode, cue sheet printing, advanced machine control and Auto Assembly.

WaveFrame 7 Features:

Systems are available as board set and software only or as a total turnkey solution integrated in an industrial rackmount case with a state of the art PC, hardware and installed software.

  • 24-bit audio processing
  • Up to 32 disk channels on a single card
  • OMF, WaveFrame 6, OpenTL and AES31 support
  • I/O Options: AES/EBU, ADAT, TDIF, MADI
  • Familiar WaveFrame Interface and Editing
  • Integrated user-configurable digital mixer
  • 5.1 surround panning
  • Integrated EQ (10 band and parametric) standard 
  • Integrated multi-band Dynamics standard
  • Open DSP Plug-in architecture
  • Networking Support: Ethernet, Fibre Channel SAN, more
  • Support for Microsoft Direct-X plug-ins

Options include

  • Machine Control
  • Auto Assembly

WaveFrame 7 is available NOW. For sales information or product questions, please email us at info@waveframe.com.

- The WSG Team