WaveFrame 7 Lite

The WaveFrame 7 Lite system is not just WaveFrame on a diet, it's a great way to take advantage of the many key WaveFrame/7 features at a reduced cost. Basically, the Lite version is non-recording software designed to run on a standard Windows 2000 PC system without the Mykerinos audio card. This allows you to do network file transfers, backups, spotting, database management, "offline" 44.1 kHz* audio playback, editing, no-record auto-assembly and project administration, plus cue sheet printing. It wIll playback audio when used with a standard Windows sound card (e.g. Sound Blaster). Extra options that can be added include EDL file translation (OMF, OpenTL, WF6, AES-31), Machine Control and Digital Video. This version does not record and purchase does not include a computer, audio I/O, DSP cards, WF keyboard or TC synchronization hardware. As with the full version, Lite requires a special hardware key/dongle. *other sample rates may be playable depending on sound card.

WaveFrame/7 Lite Features:

Version available as software only (to be run on a standard Windows 2000 PC).

  • OMF, WaveFrame 6, OpenTLand AES31 support
  • I/O: Analog stereo output w/sound card; No input
  • Familiar WaveFrame Interface
  • Cue Sheet/Spotting Sheet Printing
  • Spotting for ADR/Foley/FX
  • Networking Support: Ethernet, Fibre Channel SAN, more

Options include

  • Machine Control
  • No-record Auto Assembly
  • EDL File Format Translation
  • 16-bit/44.1k* audio playback (w/sound card)
  • Up to 8-16 track playback (w/sound card) - LIMITED
  • Integrated user-configurable digital mixer - LIMITED
  • Integrated EQ standard - LIMITED

* other sample rates may be playable depending on sound card

WaveFrame 7 is available NOW. For sales information or product questions, please email us at info@waveframe.com.

- The WSG Team